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The Learning Place and Academic Coaching Center for Excellence

What Are The Learning Place and Academic Coaching Center for Excellence?

The Learning Place (LP) and Academic Coaching Center for Excellence (ACCE) are Bayside Academy's supplemental educational centers. The LP and ACCE assist students with learning differences to reach their full potential by developing independence and fostering self-reliance in order to equip them with the strategies necessary to be successful at Bayside Academy, college, and beyond.

We support students as they overcome learning challenges in a positive, encouraging environment. The LP and ACCE faculty work collaboratively with students, teachers, and parents. We believe that communication among these three constituents is a key factor in the success of each student.

The goal of the LP and ACCE is to equip all students qualifying for services with the strategies necessary to be academically successful within Bayside Academy’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Kelley Johnson, Director of Student Support Services

It is a wonderful and amazing experience for us all to witness every child’s progress at Bayside, and the Student Support Services program ensures this success for each child, including those with learning differences. We are fortunate to be at a school that truly lives its mission for all students, not just a select few. This means all Bayside students are prepared to be successful both academically and in life.

Services Provided

Bayside offers a variety of support options to meet the individual needs of each child. This support is available for an additional fee and is designed to enable your child to maximize his/her classroom instruction and to develop the necessary skills that will foster academic success.
  • Occupational therapy — Bayside contracts with a local occupational therapist to provide support services to students during the academic day.
  • Speech language pathology — Bayside contracts with a local speech language pathologist to provide support services to students during the academic day.
  • English language support — Bayside employs a licensed English Language Learner (ELL) facilitator to provide individual, small group, and/or push-in classroom support. International students new to Bayside requiring language support will work with our ELL facilitator to build speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Individualized or small group session: PK3–6th grade — A learning specialist works with a single student or a pair of students with similar academic needs.
  • Study Skills / Executive Functioning Course: 5th–10th grade — This course is offered through the LP and ACCE and is taught by a learning specialist. The course focuses on the development of executive functioning skills. In addition, support is provided in key content areas.
  • Upper School Academic Coaching — Upper School students that no longer require daily academic support may elect to meet twice each week with a learning specialist to review and plan for upcoming assignments, assess academic progress, and receive academic support on challenging tasks.
  • American Sign Language — Upper School students with a language-based learning difference may qualify to take two years of American Sign Language in order to meet their foreign language graduation requirement. There is no additional fee for this class.
  • Grades K–12 Special Testing — Students that require specific testing accommodations may elect to have their tests administered in the testing center. Students that qualify for special testing AND receive other LP/ACCE services do NOT pay an additional fee for testing.

Testing Requirements

In order to be eligible for special academic services or testing accommodations in 3rd–12th grades at Bayside Academy, students must have current psycho-educational diagnostic testing on file with the school. In order to ensure that effective services can be provided, this testing must be updated every three years by a licensed psychologist.

Students enrolled in grades PK–2 that receive support in the Learning Place are not required to have testing on file to obtain services; however, instructional screening may be necessary to provide appropriate intervention.

Meet the Student Support Team

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  • Photo of Kelley Johnson

    Kelley Johnson 

    Director of Student Support Services
    (251) 338-6340

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  • Photo of Jane Norris

    Jane Ann (Cicco) Norris 16

    Learning Specialist
    (251) 338-6384
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    Merry Davis 

    Learning Specialist
    (251) 338-6480
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    Lee Engwall 

    Learning Specialist
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    Sonda Justice 

    Learning Specialist
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    Jennifer McDowell 

    Learning Specialist
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    Andrea Ottolino 

    Learning Specialist
    (251) 338-6490
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    Chrissy Thompson 

    Testing Coordinator
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    Rochelle Tripp 

    Learning Specialist
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