The Bayside Admirals Booster Club

The Bayside Admirals Booster Club was established in 2002 to enhance athletics at Bayside Academy and to assist in the development of ALL athletic programs. In the past several years, the Booster Club has done the following, but not meant to be all-inclusive:

  • contributed to the construction of the field house
  • contributed to the construction of the Hwy 64 athletic field
  • assisted with transporting and lodging teams for numerous state play-offs
  • purchased equipment for various teams
  • published the athletic programs and established concessions at home games from Middle School thru Varsity
  • enhanced the concession stands to better serve customers and workers
  • contributed to the uniforms worn by the Bayside Admiral mascots
The Mission Statement: The Bayside Academy Booster Club is a non-profit organization that promotes and fosters the character and skill development of our student athletes through the support of sports and other extra-curricular activities. The Booster Club provides logistical, volunteer and financial support for the student athletes who are committed to achieving excellence in the classroom, on the field and the community.

News & Happenings

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  • The Booster Club is a great way to get involved and to have an impact on our athletes that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. So let’s all get involved and help make the 2018-2019 season one that continues to build upon lasts year’s great performance. 

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