Providing Educational Choices

College admission is a complex process that takes time and commitment. It requires close communication involving the student, parents, college admissions and financial aid representatives, the Director and Associate Director of College Counseling, the student's advisor, and, sometimes, classroom teachers. While Bayside provides information and assistance in this process, ultimately the student and parent(s) must make the decision about where to apply. Bayside recommends student-specific college searches and a targeted approach to college selection.

The Bayside college counseling program aims to assist each student in finding educational choices that will foster the personal, educational, and social development of the individual student. Students are encouraged to develop a personalized list of college options after carefully comparing the student’s profile to that of accepted students at a given institution of higher learning. Bayside college counseling supports the concept that a student needs to learn to use experiences in and out of the classroom while on a college campus to foster personal development and growth and to prepare himself/herself for learning for a lifetime and for the next steps in the student’s personal journey. It is essential to realize that successful people come from everywhere.

Student responsibilities include:
  • Being a fully engaged student—in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and in the community
  • Pursuing an academically challenging course of studies commensurate with the individual’s post-secondary objectives
  • Obtaining, preparing, and submitting college applications
  • Registering for and taking appropriate standardized tests
  • Providing an official copy of all standardized tests to Bayside (010841)
  • Submitting all college counseling office- required materials in a timely manner
  • Preparing for and planning college visitations (see handbook for details)
  • Meeting all Bayside college application deadlines
  • Requesting transcripts in writing
  • Completing any and all relevant financial aid/scholarship applications
  • Completing additional test score report forms as needed
  • Asking teachers for recommendations
  • If required or recommended, arranging interviews
  • Making a copy of the completed application(s) to keep on file at home
  • Providing the college counseling office copies of acceptance/scholarship letters
  • Completing and submitting all relevant health/housing/orientation/other information as requested by the college programs of choice
  • Adhering to the NACAC guidelines for the admissions process and the May 1 Candidate’s Reply date, including notifying all schools of student enrollment decisions
The College Counseling Staff:
  • Hosts college admissions officers on campus
  • Informs students about college visitation procedures
  • Coordinates the official Bayside school recommendation
  • Conducts grade-level group and individual sessions
  • Helps coordinate the Bay Area Consortium seven-school fall college fair
  • Assists in arranging special school and community programs related to college admissions  
  • Provides newsletters to parents  
  • Visits colleges
  • Represents Bayside at professional meetings

Parents are urged to attend all parent information sessions. Students and parents are encouraged to participate in any and all scheduled college information and college fair programs.

Parents are encouraged, as needed, to contact Mary Ann Willis, Director of College Counseling, for an individual appointment or call 251-338-6427 or Ellen Blackwell, Associate Director of College Counseling, or call 251-338-6471.

As a member of the NACAC, Bayside, in adhering to the NACAC "Statement of Principles of Good Practice" supports a student's self-disclosure of any serious infrations and will notify, when appropriate, colleges of any significant changes in the student's academic or personal status between the submission of the college application and graduation. This includes, but is not limited to, a significant drop in grades, honor violations, probation, suspension, or expulsion. 



Mary Ann Willis
Director of College Counseling

Ellen Blackwell

Associate Director of College Counseling

HS Code: 010841

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