Elsa Engeriser '20 Named a Wonder Kid

Mobile Bay Magazine has selected Elsa Engeriser '20 as a Wonder Kid for her academic work and sailing prowess.

Elsa Engeriser

Recently graduated // Bayside Academy // Avid Academic and Sailor

Why she rocks
When not in the classroom, Elsa is traveling up and down the East Coast to uncover truths about climate change. In 2018, Elsa was selected to study global warming in the Arctic Circle by gathering chemical data and examining bird migration patterns. When she’s not on Naval 26s, she’s sailing 420s at the Fairhope Yacht Club.

Biggest Influence
Elsa’s parents, Barbara and Luke Engeriser, have always encouraged her to be excellent. “They’ve always supported me and helped me. My dad introduced me to science, and my mom helped with my career path.”

Out of the water
Elsa’s academic nature affects everything she does. During the pandemic, she found jigsaw puzzles to be a great outlet for any quarantine stir-crazies.

Future plans
This fall, Elsa is attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in either electrical engineering or computer science. Her dream job? A theoretical physicist.
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