Bayside Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Bayside Academy opened the doors to its very first students on September 8, 1970, with classes from kindergarten through 8th grade. David M. Smith was headmaster, and John A. Robertson was chairman of the Board of Directors.
We are excited to celebrate 50 years of a tradition of excellence. To mark the occasion, a special 50th anniversary flag was added to the school’s flagpole. The flag represents multiple things – gratitude to Bayside’s founders, pride in Bayside’s traditions, and a pledge to current and future students to provide them the best possible education in an environment that fosters Bayside’s core values:  excellence, responsibility, integrity, leadership, community, and respect. Bayside’s youngest and oldest students, Connor Dimoff ’35 and Luke Warner ’21, raised the flag this morning to commemorate the day.
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