Indoor Track & Field Ring Ceremony

The 2020 state champion indoor track and field team members finally received their championship rings and blue maps at a ceremony held today.
The title was won in early 2020, but the ring presentation was not able to take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. We were happy to be able to celebrate these student-athletes today.
As Head Coach Joe Swagart said, “To win State requires a team that supports one another, individuals who will work hard for each other, and to have new athletes who help us to reach this accomplishment. Although individuals compete in 11 different track and field events and teammates compete together in three relay events, each individual is limited to four events; therefore, a team is needed to make a State Championship possible…. We are very proud of this team and all of the individuals that make up this team. It has been said, ‘Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event,’ and our boys did so by how they competed and worked in leading up to the State Meet. They then went out and competed well. Well done, boys.”
The Bayside Admirals scored in twelve of fourteen events over both days of the State meet.
At the start of day 1, Patrick Daves started the Admirals off with 10 points winning the triple jump on his final attempt. Christopher Drayton qualified for the 60-meter dash and Daves qualified for the 60-meter hurdles. Myles Cook placed 7th in the 800-meter dash. The Admirals’ 4x200 meter relay (Drayton, Gerrit Robbins, Jay Loper, and Colin Dunlap) placed 5th. Angus Ladd tied for second place in pole vault. At the end of day one, Bayside was tied for second place with 23 points behind defending State Champs Winfield. 
Day 2, Drayton and Daves went 2nd and 3rd in the 400-meter dash, putting Bayside into first place—a position they would not give up for the rest of the meet. Cook placed 6th in the 1600-meter run, and Loper placed 3rd in long jump. The team’s MVP, Patrick Daves, went on to earn two more state titles in high jump and 60-meter hurdles. With Drayton’s 6th place finish in the 60-meter dash, Bayside had put the Championship win in place, as Providence Christian could not catch up with three events remaining. The boys 4x800 meter relay (Spencer Gaberino, Ty Postle, John Thomas Neill, and Cook) placed 3rd while our boys 4x400 meter relay (Drayton, Cook, Robbins, and Ryan McCullough) won. The Bayside Admirals scored 85 points, 29 points over State Runner-Up Providence Christian.
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