Daphne Public Library Bookmark Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 winners of the Daphne Public Library’s “Back-to-School” Bookmark Contest. Bayside had an overall winner and many students placing in the top three for each grade level.
The contest is sponsored by the Friends of the Daphne Public Library and is open to all students in Baldwin County. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the Daphne Public Library was unable to host the traditional awards ceremony. The first place overall winners will have their bookmarks reproduced for distribution in the library and will receive copies for family, friends, and classmates.

Overall Winner Division I (K–5th Grade)
3rd Place Overall Winner: Jay Halbert (4th grade)

Grade Level Winners
1st Place: Crawford Miller
2nd Place: Maggie Davis
3rd Place: Isaac Swagart

First Grade
1st Place: Owen Halbert
2nd Place: Mary Napper
3rd Place: Eva Solomon

Second Grade
1st Place: Becklynn Turner
2nd Place: Mollie Williams
3rd Place: Kalindi McCullins

Third Grade
3rd Place: Cassel Fergus 

Fourth Grade
1st Place: Alice Ogburn
2nd Place: Noah Spitzer
3rd Place: Amelia Kok

Fifth Grade
1st Place: Anna Heiser
3rd Place: Emily Strickland

Sixth Grade
2nd Place: Gracie Thompson
3rd Place: Reece Wilmott

Seventh Grade
1st Place: Claire Jones
The Bayside Academy Art Department is very proud of our talented students!
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