2021–2022 Honor Council

Congratulations to the 2021–2022 members of the Honor Council! Fifteen students comprise the Honor Council which tries alleged Honor Code violation cases.
These students were chosen by their peers after being nominated by the faculty. (The freshman position is an exception as freshmen do not vote. This position is given to the freshman student with the most faculty nominations.) The criteria for nomination are a strong sense of personal integrity, an ability and a willingness to speak up in a group, and an ability to maintain complete confidentiality.

The following students have been chosen:
12th grade: Ella Broadhead, Camille Buckner*, Leah Jha, David Klimjack*, Rhia Tkac, Jacob Tripp*, Avery VanderMeeden*, Walker Watson
11th grade: Abigail Counselman*, Beverley Milteer*, Millison Mixon, Marlee Moore
10th grade: Michael Klimjack*, Genevieve Magli
9th grade: Hudson Wilmott*
*indicates a new member
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