Leslie Hedge P'22 Promotes AVM Awareness

Leslie Hedge, mother of senior Brady Hedge, spoke in the Middle School and Upper School assemblies today to promote AVM Awareness. Remember to wear maroon tomorrow!
Mrs. Hedge spread a wonderful message of determination and perseverance to Bayside students.

On January 24, 2019, Brady Hedge—then a junior at Bayside—suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke in the left side of his brain due to a previously undetected and rare birth defect called an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Doctors were not optimistic that he would survive, but Brady beat all the odds.

Brady underwent three months of intensive speech, occupational, and physical therapy at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Upon returning home, he learned of another AVM deeper in his brain. A surgical procedure performed to repair the AVM was unsuccessful and led to a second stroke. Brady had to start all over in his rehabilitation; this time for six months at Spain Rehab at UAB in Birmingham. In October 2019, Brady underwent three rounds of radiation in Boston, Massachusetts, to attempt shrinking the deeper AVM.

In January 2020, Brady was able to return to the classroom at Daphne High School and began to work on completing the credits he needed to graduate, but his goal was always to return to and graduate from the school he loved, Bayside Academy. With the academic support, encouragement, and love of the Bayside teachers, faculty, and community, Brady returned this August as a senior and plans to graduate in May 2022! He plans to pursue a career in music therapy to help others in their rehabilitation from strokes and traumatic brain injuries.

Brady and his family will be flying to Boston on Wednesday, October 20, for CT scans and meetings with his team of doctors. All hope is that the AVM will be gone!
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