Caroline Ernest '28 Wins Spelling Bee

Sixth grader Caroline Ernest was declared the winner of the Bayside Academy Spelling Bee after 15 rounds.
Thirteen spellers from Grades 4–8 qualified for the Spelling Bee that was held on Monday, January 10. Sixth grader Braxton Bender was named the runner-up.

Caroline will represent Bayside Academy in the Baldwin County Spelling Bee in Loxley on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Bayside Academy Spelling Bee Participants
4th Grade
David Green
Ward McCrory
William Roberts

5th Grade
Bennett Lieb
Austin McNeil
Alice Webb

6th Grade
Braxton Bender
Caroline Ernest
Natalie Johnson

7th Grade
Mary Alice Cannizzo
Witt Cayce
Isa Johnson
Eighth grader Forrest Smith also qualified for the Spelling Bee but was absent on the day of the competition.
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