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Wesley Wells '28 Wins Spelling Bee

7th grader Wesley Wells won the Bayside Spelling Bee on Monday, January 9.
Fourteen spellers from Grades 4–8 competed in the Spelling Bee. After 14 rounds, 7th grader Wesley Wells was declared the winner and 7th grader Caroline Ernest named the runner-up, with 4th grader Jeremy Ou rounding out the top three. The championship word was provocation.
Wesley will represent Bayside Academy in the Baldwin County Spelling Bee in Loxley.
Bayside Academy Spelling Bee Participants

4th Grade
Vivian Lokar
Jeremy Ou
Phoenix Vivier
5th Grade
Laura Jackson
Mary Kathryn Jacobs
Ward McCrory
6th Grade
Jake Jacobs
Annabel Kimbrell
Owen Swagart

7th Grade
Caroline Ernest
Audrey Haines
Anna Heiser
Wesley Wells
8th Grade
River Hannaman
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