Music at Bayside

Classroom music and private instruction are both available at Bayside Academy. Beginning with our youngest students who sing, move, and make patterns in music, we are building not only good musicians but critical thinkers who can analyze, solve problems, work creatively, and move confidently into life beyond graduation.

Our students learn the written language of music as they sing and play instruments. In the 5th grade, they may choose to participate in beginning band or chorus, and they may continue until they graduate. Completion of our music curriculum prepares students to study for a career as a professional musician or simply to continue a life-long appreciation of music.

All grades will study good performance skills as well as their music.


Being a member of the band provides opportunities for students to develop their musical potential and aesthetic understanding through learning to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.  The opportunity to play in the Bayside Band begins at the Intermediate School level with 5th grade Beginner Band and 6th grade Intermediate Band and continues through to 7th grade advanced band and the Admiral Band, which includes grades 8-12.  Membership in the band provides numerous performance opportunities through participation.

Strings (Steve Weiss)


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Vikki Finch

Fine Arts Chair