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Community of Concern

The Community of Concern is a partnership of parents, students, schools, and other organizations working together through education and cooperation to keep youth alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free.
Bayside Academy has joined forces with McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, St. Luke’s Episcopal School, St. Paul’s Episcopal School, and UMS-Wright Preparatory School to give our parents and children the tools, knowledge, and guidance they need to help them make positive choices. We work together through education and cooperation to keep the community aware of potential dangers and laws associated with underage drinking and drug abuse, bullying behaviors, social media, and teen driving.
Community of Concern is a parent-driven organization that meets quarterly. Program goals are achieved through many activities:
  • Brown bag lunches and coffees at school: Parents gather to learn about and discuss current trends and topics that are grade-appropriate for their children. The challenges facing seniors in high school are very different from the ones facing a fifth grader, but both are very important.
  • Parent information meetings: Parent programs during which current facts and keen insights about substance use and abuse are shared. Powerful presentations provide parents with the skills and insight that is critical in keeping children safe.
  • Conversations That Count (CTC): Parents and students gather and are given real-life situations of “what would you do…” Each person has the opportunity to anonymously respond. With the assistance of a facilitator, parents and students decide on the best way to handle these situations. Student-to-student CTC is effective between younger students with selected and trained older students.
  • Informal class meetings: Students have the opportunity to anonymously ask questions of law enforcement officers, Drug Education Council counselors, and/or judicial representatives. These meetings often dispel many myths and serve as an excellent education tool for the students.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Community of Concern, please contact Community of Concern Chair Lisa O’Hara at (251) 214-5164 or Upper School Counselor Cindy Frederick at (251) 338-6467. For more information, please visit the Community of Concern website.
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