Bayside Academy seeks skilled professionals of varied backgrounds who are committed to excellence, professional growth, and the Mission of the School. Bayside Academy is an equal opportunity employer.

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We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to non-discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Faculty Immersion and Mentor Program

The Faculty Immersion and Mentor Program is a non-evaluative teacher mentor system designed to build and amplify good teaching practices. Centering on individual needs, the program serves novice teachers (defined as those having less than three years of teaching experience) as well as experienced teachers who are new to Bayside Academy or independent schools. Support includes discussion and reflection focused on but not limited to behavior management strategies and communication, instructional rigor, differentiation, student assessment, time management, enrichment, and professional growth.  
Beginning at any new school involves a learning curve. The Bayside Academy Faculty Immersion Program has been carefully curated so that new faculty members are positioned for success as they transition into the fabric of our school. The three-year program follows an explicit progression of three steps associated with each correlating year of involvement at Bayside: immersion and support, professional development, and leadership opportunities. New teachers, regardless of their level of experience, will understand the same expectations and demands of a competitive independent school like Bayside, and they will appreciate how the school’s mission and core values drive all academic, social-emotional, and extra-curricular decisions.  

Effective teaching goes well beyond knowledge of content, organization, and delivery. It requires a real understanding of the nature of the learner, the school population, and the school philosophy. Bayside Academy believes in and prides itself upon our students maintaining a balance between happiness and high achievement.

Professional Development

Professional growth and development is an integral part of Bayside Academy’s mission statement. In order to best prepare and create lifelong learners, we must be lifelong learners ourselves. Therefore, all faculty members and administrators are required to maintain professional development hours. Bayside Academy firmly believes that professional development activities are a crucial part of its faculty members’ professional growth and supports faculty members’ participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences.
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