At Bayside Academy, we strive to continuously improve the educational opportunities for our students by examining the courses we offer and using experience and data to inform changes in our curriculum and methodology.

Here are a few of the new academic opportunities each division offers:

The ECC classes will participate in the Handwriting Without Tears program beginning this school year. This program is widely recognized as the most developmentally appropriate instructional method by other members of the National Association of Independent Schools. The first and second grade classes will be planning to integrate STEAM instruction throughout the curriculum under the guidance of Cindy Robles, our Science Enrichment teacher.

In the Intermediate School, our teachers build on students’ natural sense of wonder, using the resources available on our campus. Our science teachers are excited to collaborate with STEAM coordinator, Dr. Megan McCall, in creating lessons using the school’s new maker space. Bayside's Innovation Station is exciting, as it is a maker space available to all teachers to foster creativity with interdisciplinary STEAM activities through collaborating, making, building, designing, and engineering. A Lego Mindstorm EV3 Camp kicked off the learning adventures this summer. Teachers will use a Google Calendar to sign up for available times, and Dr. McCall can assist teachers and students with activities. New interactive projectors will also enrich teachers’ presentations in their classrooms.   

In the Upper School, the Academic Coaching Center for Excellence, a new state-of-the-art educational space, has been designed to create a more flexible and versatile learning environment for our students with documented learning differences in grades 7-12. The Upper School Student Support Services team includes Head of Upper School Josh Montgomery, Director of Student Support Services Jennifer Fisher, and Learning Specialist Rochelle Tripp. The team is excited to develop an instructional framework that celebrates the core elements of our Learning Place and delves deeper into vital areas of academic growth. Students who frequent the ACCE will be exposed to a deeper discussion of executive functioning skills that can help them become more self-reliant and independent. Additionally, more classes have been added to an increasingly dynamic and collaborative curricular model. These include:

  • English - Literature through Film 
  • Mathematics - Discrete Mathematics
  • Science - Marine Biology 2, Oceanography 2
  • Fine Arts - Digital Photography
  • Computer Science - Robotics
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - 
      • Comparative Philosophy on Life I and II (“The Good Life" and “The Bad Life”)
      • Video Production

Marilee Propst
Head of Lower School

Kelly F. Hughes

Head of Intermediate School

Josh Montgomery
Head of Upper School

Curriculum Guide (Grades 3-6)

2018-2019 Curriculum (Grades 7&8) 

2018-2019 Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

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