School Life

From a student’s first day at Bayside Academy, lifelong learning is emphasized. An independent school fosters and develops a college-success culture.
The focus is not merely on gaining college admission: the focus is on being equipped to earn a degree and make a difference in a chosen field, a community, and the world. Students are encouraged to use all available resources to answer questions, and they are urged to learn how to question, to be contributors to their communities, to be good stewards of their talents, and to be responsible, ethical citizens.

Emma Parvin '24 | SGA President

Bayside has truly given me the opportunity to succeed both on and off campus, and I definitely feel prepared to start my college journey next year. Being involved in student government has taught me how to advocate for my peers and make positive changes within my environment. I can't even begin to describe the countless leadership skills I’ve learned just from being at Bayside for the entirety of my academic career, and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received from both the students and the faculty.

Tradition at Bayside

Bayside’s traditions form the foundation of many aspects of student life. From the second-grade Shakespeare play to the junior trip to Pine Mountain, memories are created to last a lifetime. Grandparents Day in the fall and Admiral Day in the spring are filled with joy. And any mention of traditions at Bayside would be incomplete without Christmas Together, one of our longest-standing and most cherished traditions. This special hour-long event is deeply meaningful and embodies the spirit of the holiday season within the extended Bayside family.

Building a Community

As a PK3–12th grade school where students share one campus, we have a unique opportunity to build camaraderie amongst all age levels. This is most evident in our 1st grade and 8th grade buddies. Each first grader is paired with an eighth grader (or two) to build a special friendship over the course of the year. Monthly activities allow the older students to mentor the younger ones, and we have found that these relationships continue well past their “buddy” year.

Beyond the Classroom

In our vibrant, engaged community, students learn to balance academics, athletics, and the arts with a host of extracurricular activities, while having a lot of fun in the process. Students are encouraged to participate in school activities from the earliest ages.

Upcoming Events

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