Board of Trustees

Duties of the Board of Trustees

Bayside Academy is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating board of trustees.

The primary role of the board of trustees is to establish and oversee Bayside Academy's mission, policies, and strategic goals. The board is accountable for the financial stability and financial future of Bayside Academy.

The board is responsible for hiring, supporting, and evaluating the head of school. The head of school is responsible for effectively managing Bayside Academy and ensuring that Bayside Academy's mission, policies, and strategic goals are implemented and achieved. The board and its members do not direct school operations. The board has authority only when acting as a whole; no authority is vested in individual board members, unless granted such authority by the entire board. Each trustee is expected to adhere to the best practices of board behavior as established by the National Association of Independent Schools.

Officers of the Board

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