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At Bayside Academy, we place a premium on balancing happiness and high achievement. In an increasingly dynamic, unpredictable world, it is essential that the social and emotional well-being of our community members, most notably our faculty and students, remains precious. We are committed to explicitly generating discussions and activities centered on wellness across grade levels. Whether it be discussing the value of empathy and inclusion with lower school students, community service with our middle school students, or taking part in a yoga class in the upper school, Bayside community members are intentional about preserving a healthy state of body and mind. In turn, our faculty and students continue to stretch themselves and achieve on an elite level. We believe the balance between happiness and high achievement is a hallmark of the Bayside experience.


Bayside Academy's counselors work with students, faculty, and parents on key issues affecting the mental health and general wellness of students and the school community. They support academic, behavioral, and social/emotional student success and are key members of the educational team. The Bayside counseling program offers individual and small group support, peer mentoring, programming relevant to students' emotional and mental health, involvement in service-learning opportunities, developmentally appropriate guidance lessons, and outside counseling referrals when needed.

Meet Our Counselors

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  • Photo of Julia Rosenbohm

    Julia (Martin) Rosenbohm 16

    7th-12th Grade Counselor
    (251) 338-6472
  • Photo of Jane Evans

    Janie Evans 

    PK3-6th Grade Counselor
    (251) 338-6463

Community Time

Community time is at the heart of Bayside’s daily schedule. The entire school has a break at 10:45 each morning. By design, it provides a shared time for cross-divisional events and celebrations. Time is set aside for our beloved Admiral Walks, hallmark assemblies, and other school-wide traditions that encompass the whole student body. It also creates time for older students to mentor or tutor students in younger grades. In the Upper School, a daily calendar provides opportunities for clubs to meet, guest speakers, college admissions visitors, service projects, assemblies, and advisories. Students are encouraged to create new experiences based upon their interests, whether that is fishing together on the Bayside pier or engaging in junkyard robotics. Community time allows our teachers and students to dream up new possibilities or simply savor the beauty of our hallowed bluff. Rest, fellowship, and intellectual curiosity are daily choices for our students. They decide what best fits their needs. 


Bayside’s advisory program is built around our belief that a holistic approach to education yields positive dividends for members of the Bayside learning community. Students are intentionally placed into advisories based upon gender and grade level and remain in these groups throughout Upper School. New students are adopted into the advisory system, prompting acceptance and integration.

The Bayside advisory program is developed collaboratively through the office of the dean of students, the Upper School counselor, the head of Upper School, and the students themselves. Bayside students develop formative relationships with their advisors through weekly topical discussions, social and emotional reflection, course selection, academic guidance, and other meaningful topics that students feel are relevant in their daily lives.

Meet Our Grade Deans

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Peters

    Beth Peters 

    Upper School Science Teacher / 9th Grade Dean
    (251) 338-6450
  • Photo of Samuel Small

    Sam Small 

    Upper School Science Teacher / 10th Grade Dean
    (251) 338-6424
  • Photo of Mary Jackson

    Carrie Jackson 

    Upper School Art Teacher / 11th Grade Dean
    (251) 338-6362
  • Photo of Hillary Lee

    Hillary Lee 

    Upper School Math Teacher / 12th Grade Dean
    (251) 338-6378
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