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Bayside Academy’s Upper School prioritizes a holistic education grounded in the core values of our school. Upper School students expand their footprints on campus by taking advantage of the myriad opportunities afforded to them and forging their own path through a dynamic, evolving course of study that has become a hallmark of the Bayside Upper School experience. In and out of the classroom, students develop the integrity, character, empathy, critical point of view, and personal responsibility indicative of the Bayside learning community. Through an array of extracurricular experiences, students discover passions and are encouraged to pursue them. The Upper School learning experience arms our students with the moral fiber and intellectual dexterity necessary to succeed after graduation.

The Upper School faculty challenges students to innovate, collaborate, communicate, problem-solve, and critically reflect as they continuously redefine personal success in the pursuit of goals. Our administrators walk alongside our faculty and our students on the mutual journey toward lifelong learning. We believe in the value of productive struggle and the merit that grit holds in an ever-changing society. Consequently, our students are encouraged to use their voice and push themselves beyond their limits in a way that doesn’t sacrifice overall wellness or a healthy balance of happiness and high achievement.

Cindy Frederick, Head of Upper School

Bayside Academy is not only my professional home, it is the core community from which my family has been nurtured. As the parent of a Bayside alum and two current students, I am wholly invested in every aspect of our school climate. Students, parents, and faculty frequently refer to the “Bayside Family,” a testament to how we care for one another. Establishing a supportive environment in which every member feels a sense of belonging is paramount. It is essential that all students at Bayside feel included and that their voice is elicited. Our faculty emphasize empathy and respect in the classroom as a forerunner to academic success. Beyond the classroom, faculty are seen cheering at athletic events, helping students spearhead new clubs, leading an advisory, or attending a performance. The confluence between student life and academic and athletic affairs ensures that each student is known by the adults on our campus. It is this student-centered approach that sets us apart. At Bayside, our communal spirit is flavored by the beauty of our bluff, our beloved traditions, and our courageous approach to learning. Students feel both a deep sense of attachment and an eagerness to embrace the next chapter of their lives.  

Student Voice

At Bayside Academy, we wholeheartedly believe that we are a community of learners. We explicitly address our core values within the context of our environment and we assign ourselves to the mission of the school on a daily basis. We recognize the fact that we all learn from each other, and although the adults create a framework for discourse and achievement, our students are the true architects of innovation and excellence on our campus.

Our students consistently contribute to the pulse of the community. They lead meaningful discussions in every sphere of life, both on campus and off, and assist the faculty and staff in enhancing the portrait of a Bayside family member.

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Meet the Upper School Administration

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  • Photo of Cindy Frederick

    Cindy Frederick 

    Head of Upper School
    (251) 338-6467
  • Photo of Ryan Campbell

    Ryan Campbell 

    Upper School Dean of Students
    (251) 338-6491
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    Ashton (Tatum) Vines 04

    Upper School Administrative Assistant
    (251) 338-6420

Sally Schmidt, Parent of Bayside Alumni

Bayside is a place where students can explore. They can dive deep into academics but also compete, create, and give back to their local community.

Bayside is made up of faculty and administrators who care deeply about your student in and out of the classroom. They truly get to know the students and their families.

It amazes me that a school of Bayside's size can challenge students in so many areas but help the students maintain good life balance.
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