Youth Development

Bayside Academy is proud to offer a robust youth development program. Our Youth Development League (YDL) provides an opportunity for students in Grades 1–6 to try new things, gain confidence, and experience the thrill of being part of a team. Any student may participate in YDL sports, regardless of level of ability. The goal of YDL athletics is to develop skills, encourage cooperation, and foster a love of the game while providing a competitive and fun outlet for students to grow and be physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

These extracurricular sports offerings are available as part of Bayside’s afterschool athletics program and are a great opportunity to build camaraderie while learning new skills as part of a team. YDL teams compete against many local schools in Baldwin and Mobile Counties. Available fall options include cheerleading, cross country, football (flag and tackle), and volleyball; winter options include basketball, track, and wrestling; and spring options include golf and soccer.
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