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What Makes Bayside Teachers Special?

Teachers at Bayside Academy are true models of lifelong learning. They grow each year, seek out new instructional methods, challenge themselves and their peers, and reflect alongside their students. They recognize the value of an independent school education and lead their students in pursuing challenges, contemplating on their successes and shortcomings, and developing as engaged global citizens. Our faculty members are comfortable with the changing landscape of education. With a future-focused mindset, they adapt and differentiate their instruction to move all learners forward.

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School Leadership

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Michael Papa

    Michael Papa 

    Head of School
    (251) 338-6411
  • Photo of Leah Giattina

    Leah (Shell) Giattina 99

    Assistant to Head of School
    (251) 338-6411
  • Photo of Kim Turner

    Kim Turner 

    Business Manager / Chief Financial Officer
    (251) 338-6394
  • Photo of Taylor Houser

    Taylor Houser 

    Advancement Director
    (251) 338-6438
  • Photo of James Ferguson

    Jamie Ferguson 

    Athletic Director / Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
    (251) 338-6407
  • Photo of Cindy Frederick

    Cindy Frederick 

    Interim Head of Upper School
    (251) 338-6467
  • Photo of Kelly Hughes

    Kelly Hughes 

    Head of Middle School
    (251) 338-6432
  • Photo of Alisa Ascik

    Alisa Ascik 

    Head of Lower School
    (251) 338-6463
  • Photo of Jennifer Fisher

    Jen Fisher 

    Director of Student Support Services
    (251) 338-6480
  • Photo of Joseph Thornton

    Joey Thornton 

    Director of Maintenance
    (251) 338-6441
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