An Amplified Arts Curriculum

Bayside Academy understands the need for a robust and carefully crafted arts curriculum. Our rich curriculum helps to develop Bayside students in ways that more traditional content areas do not, resulting in increased literacy, creativity, critical thinking, discipline, and overall academic success. From planning to practice, art—in all its forms—helps students learn from and connect to others and see projects through to completion.

Arts in the Classroom

Bayside’s highly regarded arts program boasts three music instructors, six visual arts instructors, two drama instructors, and two dance instructors. All of these teachers work together throughout the school year to provide a wide variety of options for instruction. Possibilities abound at every grade level for students to discover their talents, cultivate their skills, and thrive as artists. Students in Lower School receive twice weekly classroom instruction in music and in art. Middle and Upper School students may choose to enrich their schedules with AP studio art or advanced band.

Music at Bayside

At Bayside Academy, classroom music instruction is a vital part of the curriculum. Beginning with our youngest PK3 students who sing, move, and make patterns in music, we are establishing the foundation to build not only good musicians but critical thinkers who can analyze, solve problems, work creatively, and move confidently into life beyond graduation. Our students learn the written language of music as they sing and play instruments. Beginning in the 5th grade and continuing throughout Upper School, students may choose to participate in band. Completion of our music curriculum prepares students to study for a career as a professional musician or simply to continue a lifelong appreciation of music. Private music instruction in piano is available as well.
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