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At Bayside Academy, the journey begins in Lower School. As students navigate through each day, they experience the joy of learning and are exposed to innovative ideas which capitalize on their individual talents. Through exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning, students further develop an understanding of the world around them. Each child’s learning experience builds on the natural sense of curiosity and the innate desire to expand horizons which are inherent during the formative years.

The Lower School faculty strive to build strong relationships with each student as they create a community of learners. Under their guidance, students acquire academic skills and build social awareness as they are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities. At the end of Lower School, students have grown in self-confidence and independence and are prepared for the learning opportunities that await them as they continue their educational journey.

Alisa Ascik, Head of Lower School

I’ve always said that walking in to a Lower School classroom will instantly put a smile on your face. Our team of teachers has intentionally designed classroom spaces that spark curiosity, wonder, and exploration. Each day is a new adventure, and each year we add to the foundation for lifelong learning. I am lucky to be a part of each child’s educational journey!

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Sally Kalaris, Past Parent

Learning happens when a child feels safe, comfortable, and loved.
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