Welcome to the Upper School (7-12)

Bayside Academy offers students in grades 7-12 an extraordinary academic experience in an idyllic setting while supported by nurturing faculty. The challenging curriculum encourages students to take intellectual risks while exploring 
interests. Bayside Academy provides students with a full slate of athletic, artistic, and service opportunities. In and out of the classroom, students develop the integrity, character, and personal responsibility indicative of the Bayside Pride instilled throughout campus exploring the rich and vibrant academic offerings. Through an array of extracurricular experiences, students discover passions and have the opportunity to pursue them.

The Upper School team prioritizes developing relationships with every student. Through our focus on personalizing each students' experience at Bayside, we guide students along the journey of self discovery. With an appreciation for the individual and the warmth of caring adults, the Bayside team strives to help our students understand and develop their own values and habits of minds so that our bright and motivated students acquire skills and dispositions that will prepare them for lives of leadership.

We are a community of high expectations. The faculty is committed to helping students learn to think, read, and write critically as they develop an appreciation for learning. Students are encouraged to innovate, problem solve, and apply knowledge as they continuously redefine personal success in the pursuit of goals.

Information and Forms

Honor Roll

7th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

8th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

9th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

10th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

11th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

12th Grade Semester 1 Honor Roll

2018-2019 Upper School Supply Lists

   English Department Supply List
   Foreign Language Department Supply List
   Math Department Supply List
   Science Department Supply List
* There are no supply lists for the following departments: 
   US History, US Computer Science, US Fine Arts

Student Laptop Program: Students in grades 7-12 are required to bring a laptop device to school each day that meets these requirements. Through CDW, which is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions, we have set up a custom page that lists devices compatible with our network. Click here to visit the CDW site. For Apple products, click here to download the recommended Apple devices.

Department Heads 

Computer Science: Sarah Kalaris
Katie Ray

Fine Arts: Vikki Finch
Foreign Language: Marian Claramunt
History: Wade Long
Math: Angel Bermudez
Performing Arts: Beth Horn

Science: Sam Small

Grade Deans
7th-8th Grade Boys: Wade Long
7th-8th Grade Girls: Gail Tart
9th Grade: Douglas Robertson
10th Grade: Darcey Puckett
11th Grade: Hillary Rolin
12th Grade: Adam Richardson



Josh Montgomery

Head of Upper School

Steve Marine
Dean of Students

2018-2019 Curriculum (Grades 7&8) 

2018-2019 Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

Understanding Your ACT Aspire Results