The Upper School (7-12)

In the Upper School, we continue to cultivate the positive habits of mind and love for learning that students bring with them from their Intermediate School experience. We prioritize a holistic education grounded in the core values of our school. Upper School students expand their footprints on our campus through myriad opportunities afforded to them: athletic, artistic, and service-oriented. In and out of the classroom, students develop the integrity, character, empathy, and personal responsibility indicative of the Bayside learning community. Through this array of extracurricular experiences, students discover passions and are encouraged to pursue them. The Upper School learning experience arms our students with the moral fiber and intellectual dexterity necessary to succeed in a future-focused world. 

The Upper School faculty encourages students to innovate, collaborate, communicate, problem solve, and critically reflect as they continuously redefine personal success in the pursuit of goals. My goal as an administrator is to walk alongside our faculty and our students on our mutual journey toward lifelong learning. Rest assured that we will not sit idly by and waste the privilege we have to develop a growth mindset and forge new paths, both here at Bayside and beyond!

My best,

Josh Montgomery
Head of Upper School

Department Chairs 

Computer Science: Sarah Kalaris
Katie Ray

Fine Arts: Vikki Finch
Foreign Language: Marian Claramunt
History: Wade Long
Math: Angel Bermudez
Performing Arts: Beth Horn

Science: Christina Ricks

Grade Deans
7th-8th Grade Boys: Wade Long
7th-8th Grade Girls: Gail Tart
9th Grade: Douglas Robertson
10th Grade: Sam Small 
11th Grade: Hillary Rolin
12th Grade: Adam Richardson



Josh Montgomery

Head of Upper School

Steve Marine
Dean of Students

Kyla Gaston
Upper School Administrative Assistant

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