Creative Writing Winners

Congratulations to our school-level AISA creative writing contest winners: Vivian Lokar '31, Elizabeth Coumanis '30, Farrah Lane '27, and Abby Schoensiegel '25.
This quarter, Bayside Academy students were given the opportunity to compete in the annual creative writing contest hosted by Alabama Independent Schools Association (AISA). The prompt invited students to imagine and describe a scenario in which the person they have been trying to call finally answers the phone. School-level winners include Vivian Lokar in the Grades 3–5 division, Elizabeth Coumanis in the Grades 6–8 division, Farrah Lane in the Grades 9–10 division, and Abby Schoensiegel in the Grades 11–12 division. 
Congratulations to these talented writers! They will now move to the state level of competition.
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