David Green '30 Wins Spelling Bee

Congratulations to 6th grader David Green for winning Bayside's spelling bee and to 6th grader Mary Kathryn Jacobs for being named the runner-up.
Fifteen spellers from Grades 4–8 competed in the Bayside Academy Spelling Bee on Tuesday, January 9. There were two sets of siblings competing in the tournament this year: Anne Riley and Mary Helen Williams (both 8th graders) and Griffin and Mary Kathryn Jacobs (4th and 6th graders, respectively).
After 22 rounds, 6th grader David Green was declared the winner and 6th grader Mary Kathryn Jacobs named the runner-up, with 8th grader Natalie Johnson and 7th grader Abby DiMatteo tying for third place. It should be noted that 4th grader Sarah Kell competed deep into the tournament. The 2024 championship word was bunions.
David will represent Bayside Academy in the Baldwin County Spelling Bee. The event will be held virtually on February 1.
Bayside Academy Spelling Bee Participants

4th Grade
Nicholas Goleash
Griffin Jacobs
Sarah Kell
5th Grade
Nizar Morrar
Jeremy Ou
Fenn Schlesinger
6th Grade
David Green
Mary Kathryn Jacobs
William Roberts

7th Grade
Abby DiMatteo
Annabel Kimbrell
Bennett Lieb
8th Grade
Natalie Johnson
Anne Riley Williams
Mary Helen Williams
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