Middle School Students Excel at Junior Legislature

Bayside Academy took a delegation of 12 middle school students to the YMCA’s Junior Legislature in Montgomery on Friday, January 26.
The participating students were Pedro Benassi Monegatto, Corinne Carpenter, Huan Chen, Lila Clark, Riggins Hammock, John Stephen Klimjack, Anna Scott Phillips, Arabella Rowland, Wells Smith, Anne Riley Williams, Austin Pete Williams, and Mary Helen Williams.

The first half of the conference was a bill-writing workshop, in which they collaborated on creating and writing their own bill. The second half was spent debating the bills with 100 fellow middle school students from across the state. Lila Clark was elected as an officer (Pro Temp), and Arabella Rowland was one of eight outstanding delegates. Additionally, Arabella’s bill was one of only three bills to be recognized as among the best at the conference.

We are so proud of these students!
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