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At Bayside Academy, the journey begins in the Early Childhood Center. As children navigate each day, they experience the joy of learning and share innovative ideas which capitalize on their individual talents and interests. Through exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning, students further develop an understanding of their world. Each child’s learning experience builds on the natural sense of curiosity and the innate desire to expand horizons which are inherent during the formative years. Children are equipped with research-based and developmentally appropriate academic and innovative tools required to establish a strong foundation and a lifetime love for learning.

Cheryl Cicco, Head of the ECC

The ECC is the happiest place. Our halls are filled with the sights and sounds of the joy of childhood, and new discoveries are made in the classrooms, on the playground, and during hikes to the bay. Our children are researchers, explorers, artists, and authors who have important ideas to share. In an environment led by teachers who nurture the whole child and guide them as capable learners through academic activities and self-directed play, the children thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. Our tiniest Admirals are intrinsically motivated to leap the next learning hurdle and are learning to be kind, collaborative members of their community.

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  • Photo of Cheryl Cicco

    Cheryl Cicco 

    Head of Early Childhood Center
    (251) 338-6392
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    Carson Baker 

    ECC Administrative Assistant
    (251) 338-6455

Sally Kalaris, Past Parent

Learning happens when a child feels safe, comfortable, and loved.
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