Beyond Bayside Enrichment Programs
Beyond Bayside is for you! Whether you like sports or science, art or history, dance or dinosaurs, there is something for everyone! Please click the links below for more information and to register for Bayside enrichment program opportunities.

Robles Camps 
Pottery: August-April
Thanksgiving: November 19, 20, & 21
Christmas: December 16-20
Mardi Gras: March 4-6

Art Camp
Haley Hall Art Camp Options September-December

Martial Arts
Martial Art with Niall Yamane Options from August-May

Music Lessons with Steve Weiss
Click here to email Mr. Weiss for Lesson Options

Piano Lessions with Amy Morgan
Click here to email Amy Morgan for Lesson Options

Dance Lessons with Zoe Todd
PK-6 Dance with Zoe Todd Options from August-May